Mike Lars White's latest project, The Rick and Stanley Show, screened at Atlanta Film Festival's Episodic Showcase in April 2018, along with screenings at the Chicago Comedy Film Festival and Seattle Web Fest, among others. In 2014, Mike’s directorial debut “Steve’s Problem” screened at festivals and venues throughout the country, including 3 Oscar®-qualifying film fests and two "best narrative short" wins. Upon its Vimeo release in 2015, BroBible.com dubbed it “The Best Short Film You’ll Ever Watch About Taking a Piss.” Originally from central Minnesota, Mike began writing for TV commercials after winning an award for a coffee shop poster in Reno, Nevada. He then worked out of Warsaw, Poland—with his scripts translated into Polish—creating a series of internationally recognized campaigns for IKEA, The Volunteer Center, and a European mosquito repellent. He now lives in Los Angeles.