We won IKEA's business with this idea, then produced the campaign using a deliberately "low budget" feel to play off the ridiculously positive voiceover.


Cannes Lions: Film Shortlist for "Faktum"

Cannes Lions: Film Shortlist for "Beddinge"

Golden Drum Festival: Golden Watch for the Campaign

Voted "Campaign of the Year" by Polish journalists



After the campaign hit, people across Poland began filling up Internet forums with their own "Better Living"-style stories — completely independent of IKEA’s involvement. Then The Szymon Majewski Show (like Poland's Tonight Show) used the IKEA "Better Living" format to make fun of a corrupt politician. The campaign was voted "Campaign of the Year" by Polish Journalists at Poland’s KTR (Ad Creators Club) advertising festival.


Director: Sebastian Panczyk

Writer: Mike Lars White

Art Director: Kuba Zielecki

Creative Director: Martin Winther