We won IKEA's business with this idea, then produced the campaign using a deliberately "low budget" feel to play off the ridiculously positive voiceover. Voted Campaign of the Year by Polish journalists. Cannes Lions Shortlist x 2.


Cannes Lions: Film Shortlist for "Faktum"

Cannes Lions: Film Shortlist for "Beddinge"

Golden Drum Festival: Golden Watch for the Campaign

Voted “Campaign of the Year” by Polish journalists (Klub Twórców Reklamy)



After the campaign hit, people across Poland began filling up Internet forums with their own "Better Living"-style stories — completely independent of IKEA’s involvement.

Then The Szymon Majewski Show (like Poland's Tonight Show) used the IKEA "Better Living" format to make fun of a corrupt politician.

The campaign was voted "Campaign of the Year" by Polish Journalists at Poland’s KTR (Ad Creators Club) advertising festival and picked up a Golden Watch for the campaign at the Golden Drum Festival of New Europe.


Director: Sebastian Panczyk

Writer: Mike Lars White

Art Director: Kuba Zielecki

Creative Director: Martin Winther

Agency: Leo Burnett Warsaw

Did we also place Better Living stories at bus stops for people to read while waiting for the bus? Yes, yes we did.